Miss BiliranIsland.com 2007

As www.biliranisland.com commemorates its second year founding anniversary on the 21st of April 2007, the Biliranisland.com, Inc., a non-stock non-profit organization, is very enthusiastic and eager on what to have as a celebration. This overwhelming emotion that the president of the incorporation has felt prompted him to launch the first ever pageant dubbed as Ms. BiliranIsland.com 2007.

This event aims to promote, as the web endorses, the Biliran tourism, its beautiful sceneries and its pristine nature resources. This affair also serve as an avenue for the candidates, all natives of Biliran province, to show-off their beauties and talents. After all, every pageant is a showcase of beauties, brains and talents.

Albeit, BiliranIsland.com, Inc. is very optimistic about its idea of having a pageant, yet the occasion would not be made possible without the unceasing support of its sponsors, incorporators, volunteers, and other personalities, they are the ones who support this event in any ways for it to become a reality.